Annie Cattrell (Fine Art Practices at DMU) and neuroscientist Morten L Kringelbach (Oxford University and Aarhus University, Denmark) have worked collaboratively for over ten years. Their cross disciplinary research has resulted in a number of projects that include the use of brain scanning technologies. Their artwork Pleasure/Pain tracks the overlapping active three dimensional inner volumes of a living human brain when a person is experiencing both pleasure and pain.
The project developed at Oxford University where the scanning data was collected and subsequently made into three dimensions using rapid prototyping techniques at the Royal College of Art in London.
Pleasure/Pain has been exhibited in exhibitions both nationally and internationally these have included: Human+, Science Gallery at Trinity College, Dublin (2011); Experiments, GV Art London (2011); Hybrid, Moving Image Centre, Auckland, New Zealand (2010) and Fathom, Pier Art Centre, Orkney (2010).
A number of articles and publications have been written that include Pleasure /Pain such as : A flowering of pleasure and pain, Nature (Volume 465) by Professor Martin Kemp; Guardian online (April 2010);The Pleasure Centre, book by Morten L Kringelbach; What can science learn from Art ? by Sabina Willdevur; Fabulous Visions, World Sculpture News by Marius Kwint (Autumn 2010).