Dear Max, Andy, John, Tracy and Helena,

Thank you for agreeing to take part in the Fine Art Forum on 31st March. I am currently finalising some of the details regarding the location, but I am hoping we can set up from 5.30pm, starting at 6pm and ending at approximately 7-7.30pm. I hope the evening will be as pleasurable as possible.

This edition of the forum focuses on examples from culture which individuals (you) find pleasurable. These can be drawn from any field and in any number providing that you can discuss or present them in a ten-minute slot. It would much appreciated if you could each take control of the material you wish to present, either within powerpoint or other dissemination technologies and perhaps a list of the material that could be uploaded to the blog site (see link below) or reproduced as part of a publication.

I will arrange to have a laptop on hand but you may choose to bring your own so that you know the presentation will work. In any event I will be at the location from 5-5.30pm.

Please feel free to contact me either at DMU, on my mobile or personal email should you have any further questions.

Thank you once again for your contribution.